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New Life Christian Mission

P.O.Box 647

Floyd Knobs, Indiana 47119



When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He asked those standing nearby to roll away the stone from the tomb enrance. Surely Jesus could have supernaturally rolled away the stone, after all, after all compared to raising the dead that wuld have been easy. However, He called for human participation. He does what only He can do and demans that we do what we are able to do.


God wants to bring New Life to dead people (Ephesians 2:1). Only God can do that but He expects us to do our part.


Please consider a one-time or on-goping support to New Life Christian Mission.


Send your tac deductable gift to:


New Life Christian Mission-India

P.O.Box 647

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119


You can designate a one-time gift for the following needs:


1. Mission Trip Scholarships- Helps those in need in coming to India and Nepal in our annual mission trip.


2. Bible College Support- Provides Pastors with notebooks, Bible's, books and material as well as travel expenses. Moving through India can take many

    hours, even days to get to one place to the other.


3. Tailoring School- Enthusiastic women that are poor and struggling are taught a new trade as well as God's Word on a regular basis. Funds provide for

    materials including sewing machines, cloth, thread and more.


4. Computer School- this recently added ministry helps men and women learn basic use of the computer that include such programs as Word, Excell,

    sending and receiving messages and more.


    I have prayed and feel led to commit to the following:


    [ ] $ 25.00 per month     [ ] $ 50.00 per month      [ ] $ 75.00 per month     [ ] $ 100.00 per month


    [ ] I commit to being a New Life Christian Mission prayer partner.


    When you are ready, just click the DONATE button below. THANK YOU!